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7 Unique Diwali Home Decorating Ideas to Adorn Your Living Space

Diwali is a festival that Indians celebrate with pomp and grandeur. Every household is busy with the last minute Diwali plans. Diwali fills your heart and homes with light and happiness. People purchase new clothes and ornaments to deck themselves. So, they need to make the necessary preparations to decorate their homes as well.

The interior décor of each home reflects the personality of the homeowner. Many millennials opt for contemporary interior decoration. During the festive season, they prefer traditional Diwali decorations. Diyas replace scented candles, and popular religious idols gain prominence. You can decorate your home this year with unique decoration pieces, which enhance the look of your abode.

Importance of Diwali Home Décor

Hindu homeowners worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh during Diwali. These religious ceremonies attract wealth and opulence. Before the puja, you must clean each room. It increases the circulation of positive energies. Proper cleanliness adds to the beauty of your home. Once the house is clean, you can start with Diwali decorations.

As you purchase new things for yourself, your home also deserves special treatment. You can check the online portals that sell stuff for decorating home interiors to get special Diwali items. Diyas, torans, fairy lights, rangolis, and Diwali coasters are some popular items. No matter what you require, you can find it in these online stores.

People invite their family members and friends. They exchange gifts during this pious occasion. You can impress your guests with your unique Diwali décor ideas. It is time to put your creative mind to work. Mix and match traditional and modern decorative items to augment your Diwali home interiors.

Top Seven Diwali Beautification Ideas for Your Home       

Homeowners decorate their houses to the best of their abilities. They do not shy away from over-expenditure during Diwali. The religious activities promise wealth and good luck for the rest of the year. As Diwali is around the corner, you need to focus more on your home decorations. Here are some of the best Diwali home decorating ideas, which can attract the attention of your guests.

Planters for Unique and Fresh Décor

It is rather challenging to find a home that comes with enough space to hone gardening skills. So, nature lovers invest in planters. You can create a wonderful ecosystem in the glass jars. Time and effort are necessary to keep the plants alive in these glass jars.

Diwali home interiors

Planters are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can also go for hanging planters. Strategic placement of these planters, with diyas, can enhance freshness.

The glass jars glisten in the yellow light to create a magical setting. The green plants, inside the jars, signify success and opulence. So, planters are perfect for Diwali decoration. You can place two medium-sized planters on both sides of the main door. Decorate the staircase with a planter and a diya on every alternate step.

Play With the Rustic Theme of Copper Jugs

Hindus believe that one must purchase precious metal for the Diwali puja is Copper. It appeases the gods, and they shower their blessings on mortals. Gold, silver, and platinum are expensive. If you lack the budget for these precious metals, then buy copper items. Copper diyas are mandatory during the puja. You can also get handcrafted copper jugs online at Diwali décor and gift websites.

revamp your living room

The copper jugs come in different designs and sizes. You can place several miniature copper jugs on the center table to revamp your living room. Decorative copper jugs with lovely designs are also available at reasonable rates, add some fresh flowers in it and you are good to go for décor. You can place a burning candle inside a medium-sized pitcher. Then place the container in the middle of the rangoli.

Purchase multiple small copper jugs with holes. Place candles inside each, and tie ribbons on the handle. It transforms these jugs into unique lanterns. The candlelight shines through the holes and creates a fantastic light-n-shadow effect.

Multi-colored Crown Shades for a Vibrant Diwali

Lights and colors play an essential part in the Diwali celebrations. A regular candle cannot produce magnificent hues. Invest in Turkish crown shades to make the occasion and decoration stand out. You can order stain-glass shades as well as crafted shades from Diwali decorations online portals.

traditional Diwali decorations

You can place the bigger crown shades in the garden or balcony. Put a diya or candle on the steps and cover them with small crown shades. The demand for stain-glass shades is high during the festive season. After Diwali, you can use these shades as showpieces.

Light Up the Ceiling with Decorative Hanging Lamps

You can decorate the floor with impressive rangoli, diyas, and candles. Pay attention to the décor of the ceiling and walls as well. If you want to add uniqueness to your Diwali home interiors, then invest in hanging lamps. You can hang paper lanterns in the balcony. Wrap these lanterns with fairy lights to make these more attractive.

Diwali home interiors

Apart from this, you can purchase unique hanging diyas with metal chains. These not only add richness to your home decoration but also imbibe soft lighting.

Multiple Uses of Flowers for Diwali Home Décor

If you want to fill your home with a fresh and sweet aroma, then opt for flower arrangements. Not many people consider flowers for Diwali decoration. If you desire to revamp the appearance of your abode, then pick floral arrangements. You require the assistance of the best interior decorators to pull this off.

best interior decorators

You can place two glass vases with floral arrangements on both sides of the idols. You can select multi-colored flowers to sync it with the rangoli theme. Flowers are sacred and emit positive vibes in the puja room. You can twist floral strings on the railing of the staircase. Use flower petals instead of artificial colors to make the rangoli.

Glass Vase for Floral Arrangements

You may not like the idea to decorate the entire home with flowers or lights. You can hire an expert decorator for assistance. The decorator can strike a balance between the two elements. He/she can use flowers, fairy lights, diyas, and candles to decorate the house. These experienced professionals can come-up with out-of-the-box home décor ideas.

best Diwali home decorating ideas

They can prepare an execution strategy and work as per the action plan. The combination and tactical placement of the decorative items can transform your home on Diwali. People will shower accolades on you for your rich taste.

Traditional Decorative Pieces Are Essential

Vacant side tables and empty corners stand in sharp contrast with the rest of the room. You can play safe with decorative items like statues, lamps and other such things. Buy Diwali home decor gifts for yourself and relatives. Impress relatives and friends with unique decor. Artistic decorative statues, coasters, paintings and back-lit picture frames are good decorations options.

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