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Top 10 latest trends of interior design in 2019


Interior designing is an art, an art of learned technicians in the field of decorating the indoors of the house. The present is invitation to the future and therefore it is necessary to accept, accede and to get involved in the latest interior design art. This process involves the latest interior home design which is aimed at giving a new look to your house, which makes it more accessible at the same time. More accessible in terms of the periodic activities which are part of daily living.

Like the unconscious brain, you wish house to speak straight forward whether you’re just starting building your new home, or you planning on renovation an old home where you have been living since countless years, it doesn’t really matter because with interior design there’s always something you can add/subtract or something you wish to modify to make the surrounding better. This process of change is continuous and ever-evolving, it is a never-ending process and there’s always something new you can learn or an innovative idea you can plan to apply to your home interior to improve it in some way.This article is reviewed and revised by  Amardeep Gulri (Founder & Principal-Deco-Arte).

It is the secret art of to revamp your house according to your taste, on how should you maximize space in your small house and simple interior design for small home because the dwelling is the place which should emanate all the positive vibes. The majority of people say; their home is not just their dwelling place, but the also temple of their existence. They call it the temple of their existence because home is an outcome of countless efforts they made in their life. interior designing is the way of giving it back and processing the best of out your dwelling.

At this point, the majority gets confused between interior design and decoration. Most of the people use the terms “interior design” and “interior decorating” I as synonyms to one another, but these both differ professionally, in critical ways. The former, interior designing is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within the dwelling structure. The later which concerned with decoration is the furnishing or beautifying of a space with fashionable and beautiful items. Being brief, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design your house. The study of interior designing applies creative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional, attractive and at the same time beneficial to the occupant’s quality of life. The applied or short-listed designs respond to and coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project. The following designs must adhere to code and regulatory requirements and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability, these are to some extent consider accountability.

The procedure and process of interior design follow an insightful, systematic and coordinated methodology that includes the research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into the creative process to satisfy the needs and resources of the client. The most vital and visible difference is that the interior designer typically has several other issues on his or her way or management. Demonstrating the same with the help of an example, when it comes to floor coverings, an interior decorator will probably be responsible for choosing the type, color, texture, and pattern. The job of the designer will help in making the selection on the basis of criteria, with an additional eye towards the appropriateness of type, usage, sound transference, acoustic properties, flammability, off-gassing properties, static electricity requirements. Another important difference between the two is that these practices differ both practically and theoretically, which makes them the work of different individuals.

  • Point to be noted: How to get the most out an interior designer while he/she is designing your home is no easy feat, even for the design-minded clients. Finding that enviable mix of style and warmth that brings out mix of aesthetic and cost-saving that is truly yours, while keeping in line with a budget can be a tedious job. Thanks to the brilliant interior design resources (applications), which help to solve the riddle. Whether choosing an interior designer in Gurgaon, a low budget interior designer in Noida or the best luxury interior designer in India, it is better to keep these points in mind. An interior designer is your advocate on the revamp your home decision and he or she will be in close communication with the general contractor from the hiring process through project completion. Once your design, materials, and fixtures have been determined, your designer will convey the project vision to the contractor via a written scope of work, detailed drawings, and product spec sheets. The designer and the contractor will coordinate deliveries, meet at the site frequently, and work together to ensure that the project is progressing according to plan.  Ideally, the interior designer and contractor are buds who bounce ideas off each other, troubleshoot problems, and text each other photos of the project’s progress every day.

Top 10 latest trends for interior designing 2019

  1. PAINTINGS: paintings are amongst top art pieces for the interior design ideas for a small house, to embellish your home interiors in 2019.  Everyone, whether elder or young in age has a little appetite for beauty, and what’s better to display it other than paintings. The frame, size, kind and texture of the painting depends on the taste, budget, and specifications as suggested by the interior designer. Wall paintings show the creative side, it brings out a sense of color and texture which is contrast to the color of the wall paint. Art explains and simply demonstrates your life philosophy and the colors in your life, and it makes the room appear finished modern and more luxurious. Paintings are amongst the leading home interior trends. The painting hangs on eye-catching backsplashes and wallpapers are one of the most inventive ways to decorate your home and are the trusted trends for interior designing 2019.
interior designing 2019
  • THE NEW FIDDLE-LEAF FIG: The fiddle-leaf fig has dominated interiors for as long as indoor plants have been trendy, and rightly so, it’s got great structure, is easy-care and looks good in any setting. But another plant has stepped up to rival the fashionable fig’s top status; the bird-of-paradise (more commonly known as the banana plant). Much like the fiddle-leaf fig, this plant has over-sized leaves and is relatively easy-care but what sets it apart is its blue and orange flower, which adds a dot of color to a room.
  • THE ART THAT YOU LOVE: In 2018 and back, art in the house was all about what went well with the furniture and the general interior decor. However, in 2019, minimalist art is being kicked out. What matches with decor does not matter any longer. How your art makes you feel is the only thing that matters. You do not even have to worry whether your art is matching with the colors on the walls. Just go with whatever makes you feel happy. Just don’t overdo it. If you have many paintings, space them out.
  • LESS CLUTTER IS BETTER THIS YEAR: The more change that we get the more things stay the same. In fact, this is the one rule of interior design that comes back every year, or perhaps we should say that never goes away. The less there is inside the better since there will be more space. 2019 is based on the theme of more luxury, clear the clutter for space. Allow more room into the room, create more space between the walls and furniture.
  • MIXED PATTERNS ARE NOW A THING: Mixed patterns are making a comeback. Stripes, polka dots, lines, and rough textures are making a comeback in the sitting rooms as well in the bedrooms. However, this does not mean that you create an eyesore. Try patterned pillows and cushions, a terrazzo rug and white floorboards. These should be perfect.
  • You may also add patterned wallpaper with pink tones and an ochre rug. Combined with the bold shades of your couches, you should have enough mix-and-match to go around this year.
  • MORE OF NATURE WILL FIND ITS WAY INTO YOUR HOME: This is not a prediction; this is just the way the trends are going. After seeing the kind of a machinated society that we have become, with lots of technology and now clamoring to have AI drive our vehicles, we cannot have enough of nature. Thus, 2019 is the year to use more wood in construction, more plants inside and bigger windows opening to great garden views.
  • ANTIQUE ART: today’s generation loves the new home trends with the flavor of antique art forms. Adorn your house with antique accessories to give your interiors the X-factor.
  • CURVES: From curved archways to rounded furniture to swirly artwork, 2019 will bring the popular 60s curve back in vogue.
  • FRENCH WINDOW: Framed with black steel, window walls or room dividers don’t only give a room a chic, minimal, industrial look but also add some architectural flair and allow light to flood in.

This window gives the opportunity for fresh air to greet you in the morning and allow you to relax during monsoons. French window is amidst the interior design ideas for small houses.

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