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The Omaxe Spa House

The Omaxe Spa House is delightful and classic, decorated with artefacts & lights that enhances the look of the house.

Give them the old razzle dazzle!

The Omaxe Spa House is a contemporaneous habitat of the modish Gulri family in New Delhi. The cutting edge design to this modern delight of an apartment is executed by Mr Amardeep Gulri of the Deco-Arte studio. The house is curated with contemporary space features a mix of strong horizontal composition, large open floors, intentional asymmetry and large expanses of glass windows. It reflects vogue and high-shine with suitable décor and lays emphasis on the simple purpose of life in such a space.

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The granite flooring and the sofa with velvet upholstery act as a canvas to the contrasting dark floral and the gold-coloured cushions adds a Boho zing to the space. The wooden false ceiling and the paintings with bold colours against the neutral tone of the cream-white walls add vitality to the living space. The attractive coffee table is the centrepiece that tastefully ties in all the elements of the room.

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The tropical ambience fills up the area with a gorgeous dining table set that makes heads turn and gape at this unique piece of furniture finished with Asian Paints Polyester that adds a touch of drama. The sombre green upholstery to the chairs with the back supported by solid hues of the flower print and the selection of material palette adds a suave touch against the Asian Paints Royale Emulsion neutral coloured walls. The potted plants in the rear and the wooden false ceiling add on to the lush-green tropical vibe.

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The design-savvy bar counter conceals the otherwise-open kitchen completely and cleverly providing extra storage space in the process. The antique artefacts are a great addition to this section that enhances the chic look of the bar on the whole. However, the unique feature is the subtle Royale Play Midas gold-leaf colour, which reflects simplicity and luxury in a single tone. While it is a delightful spectacle, the gold-leaf shade breathes life into the bar counter making it a haven of peace and comfort within the abode.

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The pink walls are finished with Asian Paints Royale on one side and the wallpaper from New Neutrals Collection on the other. The theme of this children’s space would make a daughter feel special. The trunk fixed to the wall is a creative approach that enhances the visual appeal. The lamp and the side cupboard are a unique choice of furnishing that weaves into the concept with ease.

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The Ranthambore wallpaper from Sabyasachi for Nilaya Collection emanates warmth and radiates glamour through this wall. The resplendent wooden side-table by the wall adds an imperial touch to this corner.

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