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Rugs to level up your Game in Interior Designing

Rug, successfully choosing it as one of the best game changers in interior décor!  Rugs are extremely essential for every home to create a space that is beautiful, fabulous and deserves a second mention! Don’t you think so?

Just like shoes are vital to a well-dressed outfit, in the same manner, rugs work for your home. Like obviously, you won’t go barefoot with the best outfit at a party, isn’t it? The same principle goes with rugs. Then, can’t we say that rugs are game changer the way it feels and looks? Of course, we do!

Rugs either create a harmonious place for you to sit and relax comfortably, or they create a fab living space that makes a statement by adding an element of surprising décor! However, you have to understand that there are different ways to use them, and particularly, which one is ideal for your home.

First, let’s take a look at different ways to use rugs in your home!

As Pathways

Hallways tend to be dead and unwelcoming space, so what’s the best way to liven up that space? Rugs, Rugs, and Rugs! It creates a visual pathway that draws attention and connects beautifully it with another room. But you have to focus on the pattern and colour of the rug that perfectly go along with the colour scheme of your Interiors. Don’t make the pathways a dead space rather makes it more welcoming, dramatic and warm.

Connecting Spaces

To connect the spaces of two different rooms, rugs are super awesome! Not just for a visual connection, but to make the room look unified, it’s a great idea to use the rugs between two rooms. If you have a minimal or neutral colour tone space, you can go with this idea to use the rugs beautifully!

To Create a Feature

Layering a duplicate rug on the top of another or using it as angling can magnify the beauty of your living room or seating area. Don’t go for large rugs for spacious rooms, rather choose a tiny one in two to three different patterns, and use it as a layered effect to leave a greater impact on the visitors at your place! So, what would you choose a large rug, or tiny rugs in different patterns and hues to embellish the floors?

How about an Art?

No doubt, rugs have become a piece of art these days to decorate the dead spaces and walls. You can also consider it hanging it on the walls of your home, which signifies a decorative element and absorb the sound from the adjoining rooms as well. When you have no option, you still have an option, and ART is the answer! You can always decorate the walls and dead spaces with rugs of your choice.

Colour Pop

Colour pop is another great way to add texture and pattern to your bedroom! Adding a rug is not enough, you have to make sure that it goes along with the colour theme of your bedroom, and equally adds warmth and textural beauty to it.

So, these were the usages of rugs in different ways to beautify the space magnificently!

Moving forward, let’s check out the unique and interesting rugs that level up your game in interior designing.

1. Cozy Seating Area

Upholstered seating, sturdy piece of golden peg table and to match with the colour theme is this gorgeous rug, which enhances the beauty of the corner! When you can’t find the right thing to adorn the corner, rugs always come to the rescue! Rather than decorating the walls, it’s much easier to go for rugs in a distinctive pattern, which adds a sense of character and personality to your room, especially the dead corners.  


2. Eclectic Vibes

A great living room décor has a perfect balance of elements in it, isn’t it? And, this living room design with subtle colour play and florals is a sure shot way to add enough colour balance to this room’s fresh décor. The highlighting feature of this entire living room décor is a rug, which complements the coffee table in the middle and complete the seating area. This floral pattern rug adds an ultra-glam to the décor, and most importantly, what matters is the size. Ideally, a rug should be large enough to fit under the four legs of coffee table furniture, especially when keeping it the middle of the living room; as a centre of attraction!  

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3. Shag Pile Rug

What’s an instant hit for your bedroom décor, ever wondered? Well, don’t stress! It’s a minimal, quick and easy way to level up your interior design game, particularly for bedrooms i.e. Shag Pile Rug! Yep, a must for your bedroom, and most importantly, if you love tactile materials. Even if these rugs don’t hit your sense so great but it will instantly hit your feet. What’s your idea of relaxing after a tiring day? Ours is sitting on this shag pile rug while taking off shoes and sipping favourite tea or coffee!

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4. Classic Touch

How about adding a classic touch to your bedroom with a sophisticated rug in your kid’s bedroom? A pretty pink bedroom for your little baby with a classic rug in a modern pattern is a perfect way to make it a stand out interior décor. Rugs are actually essential to create a well-dressed bedroom.

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5. Dark Colour Theme

Here comes another stunning rug, which has more stunning texture, colour and darker style to match with the colour theme of the bedroom. A rug is absolutely an essential and instant way to add beauty and level up the interior design, just like this bedroom space! Let’s not make a bedroom space to be flat or boring, then why not visually lift this rug design that visually lifts a darker space beautifully!  

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Wrapping Up

To conclude, you should never ever underestimate the power of simple décor elements like rugs! For amazing interior décor ideas and designs, get in touch with the experienced and professional team of Deco Arte, the best Interior Designing Firm in Delhi!

So, what are waiting for? Let’s meet over a coffee and make our dream come true.

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