Room interior design – ideas, inspiration and pictures

Room interior design – ideas, inspiration and pictures

Are you looking for new styles to refurbish your flat or design a bare house; we bring to you some of the fabulous ideas and inspirations for everyone from sleek minimalist style rooms to warm rustic décor schemes which you can use to decorate your dream home. We also give you some very useful tips on how to choose furnishing and accent to prettify your space. So let’s get started –

Designs for Living space –

Designs for Living space

A living room is usually a formal space reserved for guests and special occasions. It is different from a family room in both look and utility as the family room is more for the members of the house. Usually, people use the two rooms interchangeably due to the limited spaces especially when you are staying in a flat. A living room should reflect your personality and taste. When designing the space, you need to consider the size of the room and the amount of natural sunlight. 

A living room should neither look empty nor should it look overcrowded. It should be filled with the right furniture and furnishings including sofa, rug and decorative pieces. It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your design aesthetic to the outside world. Use a bare wall or add some floating shelves to the wall to showcase your art piece or pictures. 

You should always ask a question while buying any stuff, especially for your living room. Do I have a space for this? You will obviously get an answer and it will save you money as well as overcrowding your space. 

Here are some beautiful designs to revamp your living space

  • Classic Interior with Navy Blue
Classic Interior with Navy Blue

Navy blue was the Pantone color of the year 2020 and you can definitely use this color in your interiors. The color is sophisticated and adds class and style to your living space. Add some brass or copper accessory with this shade and let it create magic for you. 

  • Monochromatic Style
Monochromatic Style

With a monochromatic style, you get a lot of options to style your living room with different materials and finishes. Add proper lighting to create magic across your room

  • Rustic style for your living room
Rustic style for your living room

You can also set a rustic scheme for your hall including sofas, coffee tables, entertainment unit, sectionals or rugged ottomans. Natural elements are the perfect combination of rustic rooms. Check out our rustic design and get some inspirations. 

  • Cozy and warm tone
Cozy and warm tone

Everyone wants an extra cozy living room for which you should choose a warm tone and texture for your living room. Add some suede and soft furnishing for an extra soft feel. 

  • Scandinavian style
Scandinavian style

A Scandinavian room is a combination of shapes, metals and patterns. It is in vogue and people are using this style for their house. You can use decorative pieces, rugs, cushion or wall art in the Scandinavian style. 

  • Vintage 

Vintage doesn’t mean grand mom’s style. It adds a hint of old to modern homes. Adding vintage prints and patterns to the home with some statement pieces will bring out the vintage feel to the living room. 

Design for Master Bedrooms

Surprise your eyes with these modern bedroom ideas that will surely wake you up. Modern bedrooms are no longer dull and boring but instead a cosy and refreshing treat. These spaces are designed with comfort, style and beautiful decor which please our senses. Today’s bedrooms include an upholstered headboard, soft linens and cushions, pendant lights, beautiful art pieces and relaxing wallpapers from the plethora of options available. 

Design for Master Bedrooms

A bed is the focal point of a bedroom which needs to be glam up first as it sets up the mood of the entire room. Place a bench at the end of the bed for a small sitting area in a small bedroom or add some chic sofa or tufted chair to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee if you have a bigger space. Place a small table next to the chair and keep some books if you like to read. You can also add some indoor table plants and bring some greens inside your room. 

Even chandeliers have found a place in bedrooms, which were mainly concentrated in dining space or living room. A gorgeous piece of chandelier will prettify your bedroom and add a serene sophistication. Add some side table lamps next to the bed for additional spark. 

You can design your room in any fashion from vintage to chic and refurbish it with a similar theme accent. But make sure that these accents have some utility. Depending on the size of your room, you can divide the space for wardrobes or keep a separate space to create a walk-in closet. Make sure to have enough storage in your room.

Another important area in the bedroom is balconies or windows from where fresh air and light enters your room. Drapes need to be planned based on the amount of light entering the room through these spaces. Also, choose the fabric and color based on the overall scheme of the room. 

Here are some options to choose for a master bedroom –

Designs for Guest rooms

Designs for Guest rooms

Decorating your house doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With the right essentials and approach, you can elevate the guest room and provide a comfortable and relaxing den for your guest. It doesn’t matter if your guests are staying for a day or more, if you mindfully plan and design with these tips, your guest will surely enjoy the stay. 

Some great tips which you can use for your guest room –

  1. Add some fresh flowers in a vase to your guest bedroom to refresh the room. 
  2. Add some cosy duvet or quilt with some fluffy soft pillows to your guest bed.
  3. Make some space in the closet for your guest to hang their clothes.
  4. You can add some books or activities for them to enjoy if they are planning for a long stay. 
  5. Add some inexpensive drapes to the windows which are uncovered to create a dark room for sleeping. 
  6. If you have space, add a small mirror to provide a spot for touch up or combing hair. 
  7. Add a small table clock so your guest doesn’t miss an important activity. 
  8. Add some essentials in the drawers which people might forget while they are travelling. 
  9. Add an additional rug or blanket to the bed or basket. Your guest might need it. 

Design for Kids room

Design for Kids room

Your kid’s room needs special attention just like your kid. Kids room design ideas include a kid’s room concept, beds or bunk beds, play area and study space. It’s a do-it-all area to play, create, study or relax and requires a creative touch along with the fun elements. Many interior designers and famous home decorators feel that a kid’s room is the best platform where imagination has no bounds and you can use any color or style under the sky. Make sure to add enough storage spaces for books, toys and other essentials for your kid. 

A kid’s wardrobe design should also be fully functional to acknowledge organization and storage. An unplanned space with less storage leads to a messy house so it is very important to plan before you start. 

Take a look at some of our designs for the kid’s room. 


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