How to Make Your Home Look Glamorous?

How to Make Your Home Look Glamorous?

Your home is your heaven. And so, you always have wished to make it look elegant and glamorous. There is no harm in wanting to make your paradise look like an actual one. But making it glamorous can get really expensive with the time. And not every individual has the perfect sources to include such expensive items to get the perfect luxury house design.

how to make home attractive.

So, what can you do in such a case? Well, you can always get your house the perfect glamorous makeover without burning a hole in your pockets. For that, you can hire an interior designer to help you out.

Or you can research a little bit about the different places in the house and throw in some creativity around. Do you want to know more? Check out the different ways to turn your palace into a glamourous one without any troubles:

  • Sheepskin Layering

Do you want to get to try out some layering over a chair? One of the easiest and elegant ways to do so is by getting sheepskin fur. You can throw it on the big chair in your living room or the coffee table as per your choice.

sheepskin layering

You can also get a blend of ivory and taupe colors to elevate the room’s entire look. Sheepskin fur is quite the right choice for softening a hard and modern-designed chair, or you can also pair it up with chic acrylic furniture.

  • Custom Fabrics

Another easy and effective way to change your home’s entire look is by choosing the right fabric. In many cases, you might get classy furniture from a sale or an antique design, which might not be quite blended with the environment. In such situations, you do not have to replace the furniture.

custom fabrics

Instead, choose a custom fabric that can provide you with space along with a glamourous touch to the entire room. Make sure to research a little bit of the modern custom furniture for a sophisticated layout. In case of doubts, do find the top-rated interior designers in Delhi for professional help.

  • Experiment with Your Drapes

You must have seen the gorgeous celebrities often making style statements with asymmetrical dresses. Or they look incredibly gorgeous when they drape the usual clothes in different ways according to their style. If you love such looks, why not try it out with your curtains?

It might sound a tad different to you, but you can provide a gorgeous look to your living room by hanging the curtains incorrectly. Not only is it a glamourous look, but it also adds definition to your traditional window designs.

Get some extra-long curtains along with the elegantly designed rods to accentuate the look altogether. The fabric can puddle naturally across the floor to provide an impressive dramatic effect to the onlookers.

  • Chandelier Is Worth Your Penny

You must always have been trying to get every piece of elegant furniture for your house. But are they doing justice to the space of your home? One of the fundamental things about decorating your space is that you need to choose every addition to your home based on the space and the design requirements.


Just because it looks great in the showroom doesn’t mean it would look gorgeous at your place as well. That is something you need to understand as you go on researching different interior styles. But one thing that can always add a stylish look to your place would be a chandelier.

Chandeliers are available in different forms, sizes, and even prices. First, you need to determine the type and proper layout of your room before you shortlist the appropriate design. These chandeliers are made of crystals that can capture the light exquisitely.

They are capable of making your room look elegant and ornate instantly. But if you want to get such effects, you need to invest in a chandelier quite carefully. As chandeliers can get expensive, hence determining the right one for the house is essential first. In case of any doubts, you can hire the services of the best interior designers in south Delhi.

  • Invest in More Than One Mirror
best type of mirrors

If you have limited space and wish to provide a more significant dimension to it, make sure to invest in more mirrors. Mirrors offer you the best way to open up any space and thereby make it look slightly spacious. Along with that, these mirrors can add a glamour quotient to your room as well. Try experimenting with varied sizes and shapes of the mirrors to create the perfect look.

  • Try Adding Flowers

If you add fresh flowers to your home, it can turn out to be an expensive affair. In such cases, you can try investing in the fake ones who genuinely can add an elegance factor to your room.

Many companies in the market sell such fake flowers, which can add glamour and liveliness to the home. You need to consider the artificial ones because you do not have to think about controlling the bugs anymore. While choosing the set of flowers for any room, try sticking to the monochromatic palette to get a perfect luxe look. For more, get advice from the best interior designers in south Delhi.

  • Metallic Rocks

Not always silver or gold interiors would do the trick for you. Instead, sometimes, plain metallic and straightforward bling can also add a chic look to your room. You might want to go on adding more.

But ask yourself, do you want to overdo it to attract the attention of others? Or do you want to add some elegance to space without exaggerating it? Get your priorities for your home and interior decorations straight before you start decorating it.

  • Add Some Stencils

Wallpaper might not get quite expensive for you, but it might be costly to get them properly installed on the walls. In such scenarios, you do not have to make any compromises with the look of your room.

Just get some nice-looking wall stencils, and you can carry out the work for yourself. In case you need further changes quite frequently, you can always paint these designs over again as per your choices.

  • Have You Considered an Area Rug?
rug area

Well, if you want to modify the look of your living room or the bedroom instantly, you can invest in area rugs. These are huge and can efficiently enhance the entire look of the house pretty quickly. But these can be expensive as well. Hence, you can grab the ones available in the sale or refer to a thrift shop for the priceless steal.

  • Give A Makeover to Your Lamp Shades

Lamps and their different layouts can grab the attention of the onlookers pretty steadily. Instead of investing in the expensive ones, why not switch the shades to get a flawless look for your rooms?

lamp shade covers

You can change the layout, texture, pattern, and even the colors of your lamps’ shades, without changing the original device. You can get different changes for different looks without worrying about the money anymore with such choices.

  • Open Shelving

Did you know that open shelving offers you the best chances to display your collections without appearing too vain? If you cautiously look around the glamorous luxury home design in your favorite home magazine, you can find these floating shelves.

open shelv area

These shelves are widely used to demonstrate one’s collections. Next time you want to add some space and want to flaunt your style to the world, you can create some DIY shelves for your space.

  • Less is Always More

One essential aspect that you need to understand is that a charming home isn’t a cluttered one. You cannot go on piling up things in your rooms just because you like them. You need to be very selective and choose the accessories only if they manage to accentuate your room’s entire look.

Sometimes going minimal plays a significant role in adding the elegant quotient to your house. More than money, one should be able to identify your style from your home. It should be able to showcase your taste instead of how expensive things are.

Sometimes splurging can be right for you as well as your home. But do it only if it can highlight your choices and the décor of the house.

  • Change the Lighting

Lighting is a vital aspect of any area. Have you ever felt that your place can look so lively and chic if you throw in some subtle yet romantic lighting around? In many cases, the designers mainly focus on changing the area’s entire lighting to give it a subtle boost instantly.

change the lighting

If you want to make any of your rooms feel luxurious, you need to consider this aspect in detail. Check out the luxury home design in India and see how the lights play a significant role in determining the entire layout. The lights with crystal fixtures often disperse the light across the room, providing a softer vibrance to everything around. Do not get those overhead lights that can cast harsh and unflattering shadows in your room.

Final Words

These are a few ways to add some vibrance and elegance to your house. Do you need more interior suggestions for your home? Check out the blogs and services of a reputed brand known as Deco-Arte. Founded in 2008, it is an interior architecture studio that offers you excellent interior designing services at affordable rates in the market.

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