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How to make my café stand out?

How to decorate my café?

Do these questions keep bugging you even in your sleep?

You’ve come to the right place.

Designing a café is not just about deciding what furniture goes where It’s about creating a vibe that appeals to every single customer who walks in your door. The millennial generation expects that a great cafe experience comes with a great cafe interior design. In the age of Instagram and customer check-ins, you need to tap into the customer’s mood & psychology and reflect it in your Café Interior design.

You can take inspiration from some of these Cafes(1) known to feed Delhiites Social media Appetite.

Why Cafe Interior Design Is Important

All types of people come to a café, be it to peacefully sip their mug of coffee while reading a book or to immerse themselves in their work while hiding behind their laptops or binge on a book. While there exists a target audience for cafes but it is still very vague. Hence the interior design of a café should be such in which no single ambiance is offered and people are free to do what they want. The wall colors, music, lighting, table and chair design are important and are the deciding factors how the customers will feel and spend in your café. (2)

Factors Affecting Your Café Interior Design

Now that we’ve established that it is essential for you to have a great café Interior Design, let us look at various factors which impact how you design your café interiors

1. Concept Of the Café

The first thing that you need to establish before planning your café interior design is how you want the customer to perceive the café, do you want to be a mid-priced café catering the ever-changing demands of the millennials or a high priced café for the affluent social elites. This changes the whole mindset of the customer as soon as they walk in and so does their expectation of the quality of food & services they are going to receive.
So the lesson to learn here is to make sure you have a café interior design plan before you actually start designing the place.

what makes a good cafe

2. Your Color Palette

Colors are the first thing that catches the customer’s eye and It’s something that can be used to your advantage when it comes to changing the customer’s mood. Colors make the place feel more vibrant and alive. Colors like Red, orange & Yellow are known to stimulate the brain making people happy which increases mental activity and causes hunger to be more prevalent. Although these work in the favor of the café owner mostly but these colors also have the tendency to make your customers spontaneous making them want to leave early, so it is suggested to mix them with pastel colors to make a more relaxing theme balancing the overall theme of the café.

cafe interior design concept

3. Café Seating Layout

Every café owner wants to make their customers feel at ease and comfortable while they sit and enjoy their food. In the age of Instagram, no food kept on the table is left un-clicked so the design of the table should go along with the food being served making it aesthetically attractive. As mentioned earlier a café hosts all kinds of people, some want to interact and some don’t. So to make sure your café caters to both types of audiences you need to make sure a certain level of privacy ingrained in the café interior design elements

4. Add eye-catching décor

It is important to differentiate your cafe from the rest. You can add unique design elements by choosing a few stand-out pieces that reflect the theme of your space.

A colorful accent wall, a photo wall, a trendy sofa, artwork or something that people want to take pictures next to can work well as feature pieces. Be creative, and choose something that will be an icon for your cafe.

Also, be careful while planning where you want to place your stand-out element/s as you want to show them off. The entrance can be the perfect spot for a feature element to grab the attention of the passerby. Another area to showcase a feature element is the bar, where there is usually a higher, more constant flow of people.

small coffee shop interior design

5. Lighting

The secret to a successful lighting plan is to combine any natural light with ambient lights creating a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare.

The correct lighting scheme makes you feel like you just got into a separate zone away from the outside world.

No matter what type of a café you want, Café interior design is a crucial part that should be properly planned and executed. The success of Cafes like any other in the restaurant industry depends on customer satisfaction and how your customers feel in your establishment.

Follow this guide to get your cafe interior design just right!

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