Incorporate shades of gold and how to get them right in your interiors

How does one incorporate shades of gold and how to get them right in your interiors? Please explain in detail.

We generally use gold color exclusively with luxury and wealth. The gold color in the interior is not only gilded candlesticks or heavy carved frames. It can be golden textiles, covering the walls with characteristic shine, a “golden” mosaic or even just warm, golden lighting that creates a relaxing, cozy atmosphere in the room. With the help of this shade, it’s easy to give the design a certain sophistication, bohemianism, and shimmer, and this, in turn, fits into the concept of almost any stylistic trend. The best background and friendly shade will be white or black. This is a win-win color combination, which can be safely attributed to the classics of the genre. The golden tint looks good accompanied by dark, rich and deep tones like velvet blue, chocolate wenge, dark green, wine, and terracotta.

What are some do’s and don’ts?

Gold in different shades used even in hints throughout your home can give a very rich look. It can be used in cushions, linens, slipcovers, drapery and even carpets. An elegant glass chandelier with only a touch of gold can look very classy. It is important to balance the tones well to avoid that tacky look. DO use it in accent décor because, it works so well with almost any color combination, picture frames, mirrors, fixtures, vases, hardware, and wallpaper are just a few of the places you can and should incorporate glints of gold. You can experiment with different textures in gold too. Getting the look just right can be a delicate balance. Too little goes unnoticed and too much becomes gaudy. Feel free to layer in touches of rose gold, copper and silver for a look that flows seamlessly. Do add it in unexpected places like, who would have thought to paint golden highlights on door’s molding? Try placing your accents against more neutral, muted colors.

What are some typical pitfalls to avoid when using gold accents in homes?

Some are good, too much is bad, and the shade of golden color you are using makes a difference as well. Overwhelming your space with too much golden color can cause visual clutter and one may lose the finer details. Using the wrong finish or sheen has a huge effect on the overall look of your home. To ensure you don’t let the metallics overpower the space, you need to be strategic in the placement of the metallic items within the room. The color scheme must flow and not be overwhelming, but rather add to the cool and calm atmosphere.

Some more ideas:

 If you feel confused about designing or arranging things, look through any current decorating magazine and you are certain to see elegant rooms that have hints of gold and glitz placed strategically throughout the room. Consider adding gold accents to your home through brass hardware, fixtures, and accessories. If shiny gold seems too much for you, then consider an aged brass finish that allows you to add sheen without being too flashy. Most home goods stores host a home décor section and it’s here that if you get digging, you’ll usually find some amazing sales on single gold accent pieces such as floral designs or even sparkly metal abstract pieces. Arranging these single pieces together on your walls, much like a bouquet, can give you a glamorous, golden statement piece that is easily interchangeable

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