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Home Study? Do you really need it?

Working from home? Sounds Fun, Right?

We all dream about it and the year 2020 just made that true. The year 2020 woke up with the sudden change in working environment. Biding adieu to the conventional office work-desk, working from home became the new normal. But not having a proper office space at home is a problem as sitting on your couch or dining table working for long hours can actually result to various health issues. Other than that it is also very difficult to concentrate properly on the work cause of the people around you cooking or playing or watching television.

So what’s the solution for this?

Study room at home or as we say a home office!

home office

Home offices are a great space to build on in our homes. A space dedicated to the hours that go into the work we do daily, be it meeting the deadlines, writing reports, or simply video conferencing, work can be best delivered when your mind is fully focused. By creating a home office for yourself and giving it a personal touch, you can create an office that provides you the comfort of your home.

We at Deco Arte have listed some quick DIY Home Office ideas on how you can create a personal home office for yourself and turn that unused corner of your house into the work-space of your dream: –

  • Wall Organizers: – A wall organizer can help you keep your mail and other important documents in order. Put some functional shelves in your home office to keep books, binders or folders. Upper storage cabinetry can also be added to provide extra storage room in your study space. Using your room’s vertical storage space enable you to stay organized more easily. Vertical storage is also smart to use when your study space is set up in a smaller room. Add extra touches like a tack board for posting reminders, calendars, and course schedules. You can also add a small plant to add some colour.
  • Room Paint and Lighting: – Natural Light is the key. Make sure you place your desk towards the window for optimum lighting and glare free computer screen. . Choose ambient lighting that’s complemented with smartly located task lighting and a small desk lamp. White or beige is considered an ideal colour for offices. It gives the room a bright look and makes it look fresh and elegant. Colour your selves differently. Paint the biggest shelves dark like a black or navy colour.
  • Popping with Colours: – Office spaces reflect your personality through their interiors. So don’t hold back in showcasing your fun side in your home office too. Swift through a pop of colours, like green, gold and beige, a covet colour combo for an organised yet beaming space. Inspire yourself with primary colours, where they provide the perfect burst of shape and structure in this home office space.

You can play with colours in a white room to make it fun and interesting, cause bright colours in white background makes the colours to pop up more. So use office accessories of bright colours to add a little fun in your home office.

  • The perfect DIY Desk: – A very important part of the office is the desk. Build a perfect desk for your office which matches the entire look of the room and not taking up much space. You can build you own DIY pallet desk matching your height. You can also have a DIY wall mounted desk which will save a lot of floor space.

Another hack is to not use a desk as your desk. This hack is very useful if you don’t have a dedicated office space at your house and you need to set up an office in an unused corner or inside an extra closet space. A desk is a great choice but you can also use furniture meant for other things as your desk. You can have a console/storage unit that has a pull out which serves as the perfect desk when you need it, but it can also be stored away when you’re not hard at work. You can use consoles, dressers and even bookcases as makeshift desks when you don’t have enough space in the room for a dedicated desk area.

  • Sit Pretty: – Get creative with your seating arrangement. Our suggestion is to never get a desk chair for your home office. You can choose a chair that is not necessarily meant to be used as a desk chair and give your normal desk a style upgrade. Pull a chair from the dining room or a side chair from the living room or another space in your home. You can also style it with a nice throw blanket on the back of the chair or even a brightly patterned throw pillow. Use your favourite fabric and turn your office chair to statement piece in no time.
  • Have a giant Chalkboard or Whiteboard Paint: – If you have enough space then you can create a full wall whiteboard or chalkboard with paint in your office. You can use this space to create a monthly calendar or a giant ongoing to-do list, tape inspirational images, quotes or your goals or can even use it as a space to keep your kids busy while you getting some work done.
  • Use Colour for Organization: – Using colours to organize file is an ideal way maintain your document folder. Use colour and labels to mark your folders and decorate your selves.
  • Use Stylish Bookends: – Piles of books lying on the table might have been acceptable before but it doesn’t look good in an office. You can make your own DIY bookends. You can use normal household items which you might consider waste and paint it and turn it into a unique book end and dress up your shelving in your home office.
  • Make a minimalist Memo board: – Rather than getting messy with sticky notes you can make a minimalist memo board. You can hang a wire grid above your desk on the wall and use magnets and hooks to organize stuffs. You can use it organize your documents, or put up a to-do list or even just for photos of your friends and family. A DIY memo board is easy to make and even easier to use.
  • Hang a Gallery Wall: – Add a touch of broad character to your home office with a curated gallery wall. You can add pictures of your family or friends or even beautiful sceneries or paintings.
  • Add a Big Mirror: – If you want to make your office space look bigger you can magnify your space by adding a huge mirror. Big mirrors are a trend today; mirrors having a black or gold frame will just work perfect.
  • A Custom Desktop Shelf: – Having a desktop shelf is much healthier for your back and neck. A desktop shelf or a stand ensures that your screen in at the right eye level and you can slide your keyboard under it when not in use.
  • Opt for Something Old: – You can even use vintage office supplies to jazz up your space. You can easily find unique things such as old scissors at thrift store or flea markets. You can also use vintage cups and saucers for storage of little desk supplies like paper clips, erasers, pencils or thumbtacks.
  • Incorporate Greenery: – Having plans in the room always makes the room feel fresh and adds character to the room. Add small plants on your office shelves as well as big plants at the corners of the room. You can also add pictures of plants as well as animals to get the nature feel.
  • Get Creative with your space: – If you have a small space and need more storage space then you can Install some hooks with bins on the back of the door for storing small items or add selves above your desk to store folders. You can even turn your extra closet space into you small office by adding an office desk. You also turn a wall into a work space. Paint the huge store cabins darker than the rest of the room like black or navy to add character to your office room.
  • Clean Regularly: – Keep a handy trash can at your office and throw away trash and any other things that you don’t need any more like empty pens or outdated files and documents. Go through your drawers once a week and keep your drawers clean. The most important part is to keep your office clean at all times. A well-organized office excites us to get on with our work with full enthusiasm.

Thus with all these DIY home office tips you can turn your boring office space into a Pinterest worthy project. Follow us for more inspirational home interior idea.

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