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Here’s What’s Poppin – Best Interior Trends in 2020

Hey! Are you searching for some amazing interior ideas and trends that are flapping this year? What is your favourite interior trend? Any specific designs that you have bookmarked safely while scrolling down the pages?

Well, even if you are in any dilemma, then let us help you to get out of it and choose the best interior design to revamp your space aesthetically as you always wanted it to be! �

So, let’s figure out what suits best for your place in 2020 from the below mentioned interior trends.

1. An amalgam of Black and White

One of the intense and stark color contrasts, black and white is something forever to stay in interior trends. The sharp contrast between light and dark beautifully magnifies the beauty of any space. There are umpteen patterns and variations available in black and white combination to implement. For instance, black chairs and sofas with white pillows, white marble kitchen slab with black wooden work in the bottom. Isn’t it an aesthetic idea for home décor this year? Because black and white don’t fade away with time!

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2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are nowadays an upward trend, especially in 2020. From light fixtures, floors to patterned tiles, geometric patterns are everywhere because of their extreme prominence. 2020 is all about geometric patterns that make a space bold and vibrant.

While revamping your home, just make sure that you pick contemporary designs in chairs and throws, and then, choose a specific area that needs transformation entirely. Would you pick geometric pattern bathroom tiles? Or, how about wallpapers in geometric patterns to balance the look of your home? Well, it’s all about artful, and if you are looking for the best interior designer in Delhi, Deco-Arte is an ideal firm to connect with the industry experts.

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3. Blue is the new white!

Undeniably, our love for the white hue in interior space is everlasting. But here is the new trend, which is loved by all in 2020, i.e. Blue Hue! White is pushed out by blue, and to be specific, it’s Pantone shade.

It’s a classic blue color, which magnifies the beauty of your space with utmost elegance. How about a matte Pantone wall paint idea to revamp your home? Well, choose the empty space and start transforming it.

4. Floral Wallpaper

Florals are there from a long time ago, but floral trends in 2020 for interior designing have been modified a lot. From those pinkie floral trends to contemporary patterns, florals have a lot to offer to your home space. If you are already bored or those hippie style florals, then choose the modern styles of floral wallpaper designs and patterns that ameliorate your home with vibrant yet contrasting shades.

How about brightening up your boho bedroom space with wildflower garden? Confused? Well, let our experts choose what’s best for your home! If you are looking for interior designers in Delhi, then get in touch with the professionals of Deco-Arte.

5. Biophilic Design

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When looking for interior design trends, do look for biophilic designs that are gaining prominence in 2020. With all the natural elements, be it light, vegetation or materials, modern spaces look incredibly aesthetic. For all the nature admirers, natural elements are their source of inspiration that stimulate them to increase their productivity and creativity. Moreover, biophilic design is beneficial in reducing the stress and balancing the blood pressure levels and heart rates.  

6. Layered Contrasting Décor

The design looks best when they offer subtle and neutral looks! Be it colors, styles or patterns, contrasts in interior designing create a balance with a timeless look along with the benefit of layered wall design. How about bold blue hue paint in the kitchen, or maybe Pantone classic blue to revamp your kitchen? Well, try some bold and contrasting shades in combination with the layered design to give your space an everlasting look.


So, these were some of the inspiring and prevalent interior design trends of 2020. Of course, there are some more to explore. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the experienced and knowledgeable professionals of Deco-Arte. They are one of the recognized interior designers in South Delhi for Bespoke architecture and designs.

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