Concept of Wall Cladding and how it can enhance Home Interiors

Explain the concept of wall cladding and how it can enhance home interiors?

Decorating walls is an important part of interior design. Gone are the days when the walls were just painted. Wall cladding is a type of decorative wall covering material, intended to make a wall look like it is made of a different material than it actually is. It increases the service life of the structure and also increases the value of the building. In addition, it can improve thermal, acoustical and natural daylight performance.  Wall cladding is mostly done for aesthetics rather than functionality; it’s an accent feature of the space.

What are the kinds of cladding available and which cladding can be used in which space (bedrooms, living, exteriors, etc.)?

Claddings today are made of a wide range of materials, just to name a few that are popularly used today are, wood, veneer, laminate, metal, brick, vinyl, stone, composite materials, tiles, fabric, recycled polystyrene, wheat/rice straw fibers,  these are mostly used for living areas and bedrooms, for outdoor spaces and balconies green wall or even a hanging garden is an excellent choice as an organic coating for the walls. It adds a pleasant vibe to the home. The exterior wood cladding has an endlessly fascinating blend of grains, textures, patterns, and tones thus offering a totally unique take on exteriors. In this modern Indian living room finished with plush sofas and pretty accent pieces, the exposed brick wall adds an earthy and rustic dimension. Fabric panels are ideal to be installed onto smooth and hard walls. They make a room cozier, and have a casual feel, apart from making the acoustics in the room better.

What are the do’s and don’ts as far as wall cladding is concerned?

Regardless of the type of material that you are working with, it’s important to remember not to overdo the wall coating. The color and material used should complement the overall exterior or interior design style. It should be harmonic and not too contrasting. Study the other materials used in your room before you start on the focal wall. Keep it simple and don’t use every color and material for one design. Create a picture of the materials and colors for your wall, trying to use the same atmosphere for the whole room you’re designing.

What are the new trends you are seeing in the wall cladding space?

We live in a world with limitless possibilities when it comes to construction materials, and sometimes it pays to be creative. A clever way to be different is by changing the rules—using materials that you’d normally see on the floor, on your walls instead! Rustic Interior Designs have come back in a big way; with it comes in materials such as timber, concrete, and exposed brick. Even with plush interiors, rustic walls in 3 d wood, stone, and roughly finished brick tiles will be trending this season.

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