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Distinctive interior designers in delhi|Deco-arte best of interior designer is here.

The best interior designers in Delhi, Deco-Arte is a multi-disciplinary design and interior architecture studio. Founded in 2008, we have worked for 223 residential projects, 47 commercial projects, 27 retail stores, and 31 hospitality projects. Providing services in the field of Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Interior Turnkey Projects, Furniture, and Project Cost Consultancy, we promise to offer bespoke solutions exhibiting the highest ethical standards. Our aim is to be defined by our work culture reflects our core values.

Our team consists of architects, interior designer, technicians, and specialist who all work together to create solutions which are based on the clients budget, scope, schedule, and operating practices. We believe that design is irrelevant and of no use, if it fails the function. Thus we give special attention to even minute details and the functioning of the various designs. 

interior designer in delhi

Our services at Deco-Arte includes: –

Interior Designers in Delhi: – Design with function is a very important philosophy that we believe in. We design spaces which are engaging and at the same time has an enduring appeal. We provide a complete Interior Design solution for all types of places like restaurants, offices, hotels, homes, and retail stores based on our client’s requirements.

Interior architecture in Delhi: – Under this service, we provide solutions for three distinct design disciplines namely: interior design, architecture, and product design. In this, we provide services such as the design and construction of the building’s interior and other related physical features.

Turnkey Projects: – We offer design-build solutions that meet the requirements of our residential and commercial clients. We provide a 360-degree solution and take care of even the smallest of details. Our teams work with deadlines and focus on delivering high-quality innovative Design and Build services.

Project Cost Estimation: – We also provide comprehensive cost estimation solutions for interior project teams.

Furniture: – We design and manufacture furniture at our manufacturing facility located in Haryana. We make bespoke visually appealing contemporary furniture that contains all the comforts for aesthetic and modern living.

interior designer in delhi

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Deco-Arte has worked on more than hundreds of projects providing unique designers solutions keeping in mind the client’s requirement. Our design portfolio consists of designs in different areas such as residential homes, hotels, spa, retail stores, and many more. Here are some of the distinctive design ideas that have been done by us: –

  • Our Residential project in S-Block of Greater Kailash: – This residence was designed keeping in mind our client’s lifestyle, profession, taste, and requirement of modern design. This modern design has large floor-to-ceiling windows and open floor plan which allows lots of natural lighting to pour into the house. Neutral colors with bright bold accents are used for painting. To make the bedrooms look modern, soothing color scheme, luxe, plush material, and clean but interesting shapes are used. The terrace space contains lots of minds keeping in mind that it can be used for a winter evening and barbeque parties. This modern home design is perfect and the client loves it.
interior designer in delhi
  • Omaxe Forest Spa Project 2: – Another work that is highly appreciated it this relaxing space. Interior design inspired by the owner’s love for aviation and simplicity which allowed us to create this special urban sanctuary just for him. The rustic entry passage and the living and dining areas tell the story of traveling the world and have lots of collected souvenirs. Keeping in mind the owner’s profession of a commercial pilot, we created a perfectly serene master room and an element of the Airplane’s propeller over the bed headwall. The beauty of this place makes it an ideal home for the owner.
interior designer in delhi
  • Amaltas Marg, Gurgaon: – This project inspires many gaming freaks. The client was passionate about gaming and wanted us to design a gaming room cum den for him. We have used eccentric, vibrant, and energetic decorations in the room that resembles the gaming spirit. We designed it in a way so that clients can have both gaming space and relaxing space in the same area. We covered all the wires behind the selves and added detail of the backlit acrylic sheet so the wires do not spoil the look of the room. The space looked amazing in the dark is both functional as well as stylish.
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  • Residence in Noida: – We designed this residence with huge bedrooms with lavish seating areas which will provide relaxation apart from bedrooms. The house was designed for a bachelor who loves movies and thus we also designed a movie theatre which is a combination of modern and classy.
interior designer in delhi
  • House at Coorg: – This house at Coorg was designed in a way so that it provides solitude for the recluse, adventure to the adventurous and scenic views for the nature lovers. The house is designed to be incomplete sync with nature and contains all modern amenities. It has beautiful spacious rooms with a private balcony and has become a heaven for people visiting Coorg looking for peace and beauty of nature.
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  • Penthouse in Bangalore: – This is a unique stylish residence designed by us. It consists of bedrooms from each family member as per their requirement, a terrace patio, and a swimming pool. The penthouse is an oasis of calm in the busy city of Bangalore.
interior designer in delhi

Like these, there are many other projects done by us which are appreciated by all. All our interior designs are unique and distinctive, made keeping in mind the requirements of our clients. If you want to read more about our various projects you can check our portfolio available on our website. Click here to visit our website.

Contact the Deco-Arte team to turn your boring, dull, and empty space into some unique and beautiful. Deco-Arte is the best interior designers in delhi proving the best interior solutions. Contact now our team is waiting for you.

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