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Coffee Table Designs For 2020: All You Need to Know

Do you think you can survive without your frequent makeovers? Difficult, right? Then, why not your wisest furniture too? Yeah, we are talking about the most loved and common furniture i.e. Coffee Table!

Undeniably, at a certain period of time, you will get bored with the design, or maybe it doesn’t match with the interiors. Whatever the reason is, what you need to know is, a coffee table is a classic staple! It will enhance the décor of your room, depending on the DESIGN you choose to add oomph.

Moreover, you can discover the wide range of modern coffee table designs, including hyper-functional ones to simply stylish. As there is a broad array of designs to choose from, what you need to focus is on the style and budget that suits your back pocket. What will you prefer to choose, mid-century modern style or something in farmhouse chic? Well, whatever design you choose, make sure that they are the best and suitable according to your space interiors!

Now moving forward, let’s take an in-depth look at varied coffee table designs to fit into your interior space. Scroll down to read more!

1. Ground round coffee table in gold metallic legs can be a perfect addition to your living room! It’s stylish and trendy, which is sure shot the best way to enhance the beauty of your living room. Let’s declutter your living room and add this sophisticated and space-saving furniture to your home!

2. How about this modern beauty in wooden finish? This coffee table is compact in size, and prepared using mid-century style solid wood for that natural yet antique look! Are you looking out for better options to replace your wooden coffee table? Why don’t you get your hands on this round wooden table? It has a perfect amalgam of a modern and rustic feel. So, relax and unwind sitting on your leathered couch and enjoy your Coffee date!

3. Two-tiered Coffee table with ample storage space and art display style is all you need this season to add a modern touch to your home furniture. It is definitely an easy and one and done living room setup, which has a lacquered glass top and of course, sophisticated finish to set the coffee mood right. Isn’t it? The highlighting feature about this coffee table is that it is durable, especially if you are worried about the glass top. Moreover, the smooth finished marble look, and double down is its enticing part that you should not miss!  

4. Well, you will agree to the fact that finding an ideal coffee table design for your living room space is not at all easy! To look for something that will fit into your lifestyle is quite challenging. Obviously, there are several aspects that you consider when you plan to buy a table, including the design, structure, material used, frames, colour tones and so forth! But this solid wood coffee table with metal frame is likely to be a pretty right choice, especially to suit the modern home décor! Not just for the beverages, but this elementary piece can equally help you to organize the little accessories of your living room.  

5. We all know a great coffee table is usually the centre of attention, especially when kept in the living room. Then, don’t you think it should be really extraordinary just like your living room décor? This brunching coffee table with iron frame and glass top in rectangular structure is so stunning that you can’t take your eyes off! For a luxurious living room setting, this glass iron coffee table is a solid piece of furniture. It’s a contemporary style coffee table with glass top and base fashioned from the metal to give blend with the décor of your space. Hence, do look for this sophisticated, modern charm to elevate the living room décor.

6. Coffee cum centre table in glass top and rectangular shape is compact in size but spacious to keep all your essentials on display! The reclaimed wood and iron frame add that actual rustic look to this modern furniture design. If you are seeking for a bold and stunning coffee table for you to steal the spotlight, go for this glass coffee table to adorn your living room space more than ever.  

7. Last but not the least, check out this amazing round wooden coffee table that comes in a three-piece set. The wooden top and iron frame of this compact coffee table is perfectly modern design because we understand how it feels to blush on compliments! By integrating the right wooden top on the coffee table, not only you will have a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, but your home décor design will look more professional than ever.


To conclude, these above-mentioned coffee table designs are absolutely stellar! There are thousands of designs more to catch on, but what you need to focus is on which one will suit your home décor! At Deco-Arte, we always make sure that whatever our client demands, get exactly the right design. The entire team of professionals at Deco-Arte is here to assist you with all your living room or interior décor demands, and that’s why we are recognized as one of the best interior decorators in Delhi.

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