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7 Tips to Decorate Your House for Winter

By now, you must be ready to welcome the winter months in style? But is your home ready for the winters? Wondering how you can accomplish this? No need to worry! The combination of our expertise and your creative skills can make your home winter ready within days.

Each season has unique characteristics. Home décor experts take inspiration from the various natural aspects. The home decoration trends seldom remain constant. Our interior designers keep a tab on the latest decoration trends. They can help you to capture the essence of a particular season in a creative way. Simple winter decorations for home can enhance the charm of your home.


Why Are Home Decorating Ideas for Winter Important?

In India, we experience the winter season from November-end to February. It is the ideal time to celebrate and rejoice. Indians decorate their homes to celebrate Christmas. After a few days, we welcome a brand new year with open arms and good hopes. It is the perfect time to party with friends and family members.

Not all desire to go out and party in the crowded pubs. You can invite your friends to your place and have a blast. If you want to impress your guests, then pay attention to the home décor. You need to revamp your apartment with appropriate winter home decorations to welcome the invitees.

However, a layman may find the task challenging. Our interior décor experts can offer simple tips, which can add oomph to the party. Many assume that they have to break a bank to purchase the winter party decorations. Our experts provide easy and inexpensive decoration tips, which can enhance the beauty of your home.

Hanging streamers and balloons in the living room are conventional techniques. If you desire out-of-the-box party decoration ideas, then check out what our experts have in store for you. Many corporate organizations throw New Year parties for their employees and clients. If you want to decorate your office, then consult with the best interior designers in Delhi today. 


Popular Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

Many assume that home decoration is somewhat straightforward, and one need not call the professionals. However, if you lack adequate skills and information, then you may fail to accomplish the goals. If you want to decorate your home, then read lifestyle magazines. You can acquire substantial details about the latest trends in interior design from online videos. But a specialist can help with the arrangements.

Door Décor

You can attract the attention of the guests as soon as they step in front of the main entrance. Our décor specialists suggest that you opt for outdoor winter decorating ideas. You can make a twig or woolen wreath and hang it on the door. One can also fill mason jars with Epsom salt for a snowy, winter look, then add small votive candles and line the walkway leading to your front door.  It offers them a glimpse of your creative talents.

Fake a Roaring Fireplace

Apartment dwellers and urbanites: get creative to craft a spot to hang your stockings and lend a little Christmas cheer to any room. You can turn a canvas drop cloth, drapery hardware, and chalkboard paint into mock mantel wall hanging that you can simply roll up and store when the winters are over.

Sweater Cushion Covers

Most people keep cushions on the sofa. You need to change these cushion covers after a specific time. You can purchase unique covers, which look like sweaters. Once you put these covers on, it seems as if your cushions have a woolen shirt on. It is a neat trick that can attract the attention of your guests.

Natural Wall Hangings

If you want to incorporate winter-specific décor in your home, then appoint the best interior designers in Delhi. You can purchase pinecones from the interior shops in the local market. Color them in warm hues and add glitter on top of these pinecones. You can tie these cones on a rope. It becomes an excellent DIY wall-décor piece that highlights the arrival of the winter season.


Woolen Lampshades

Another impressive décor idea for the winter months is to use woolen lampshades. If you knit, then you need not spend a single rupee. In case you lack knitting skills or time, then purchase woolen lampshades from the store. These come in various sizes and colors.

If your apartment has a contemporary décor theme, then you need to maintain balance with it. It is here that the importance of white woolen lampshades comes to your rescue. The demand for white and ivory woolen lamp covers is high in the market. 

Multiple Uses of Faux Fur

Experts suggest that you can revamp the appearance of your apartment with artificial fur. Faux fur is ideal for winters. You can use faux fur carpets and cushion covers. Faux fur pillow covers are also available in the market. You can add warmth and comfort to the bedroom.

Apart from this, you can put faux fur chair covers that come at a low cost. Thus, your winter decoration spree will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you do not know where to get these, then consult with an interior designer

Wintry Blooms

Create a floral centerpiece that incorporates warm holiday hues and that will instantly liven up your dinner table.  Arrange various red flowers, berries, and succulents in a rustic wicker basket. (You can choose any vase that suits your style.) Use floral wire to tame stubborn stems and plants, add pinecones around the base and you’re ready to host for the winter parties.


Several interior designers operate from Delhi. You can book an appointment and highlight your décor vision. These interior decorators can create an effective plan. If you approve of the project, then the professionals make the necessary arrangements.  Do you desire to change the appearance of your home and add some character to it? Are you planning a party on Christmas Eve? Proper decorative items and lighting can breathe life in the event. If you want the assistance of reputed interior decorators, then consult with the designers of Deco-Arte. The experienced designers can chalk out the perfect décor plan for your home or office. You need not worry about the expenses as the interior designers can work with your budget.

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