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7 Amazing Trends For Interior Designing in Delhi

Gone are the days when there were the same boring paints on every wall of the house and common white tiles to glow up your house. The recent years marked the beginning of new styles, new designs and totally bold hues to make up your houses with a bold yet elegant look. 

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While you are searching all over social media and pinterest for interior designing ideas to transform your spaces, we have got a list of the latest trends to lessen your efforts and make you choose the styles that match your soul!

1. All Woody & Natural

In spite of the fact that wood has customarily been searched after for its never-ending attraction, an ever increasing number of home owners and creators this year started to rediscover the glow and excellence of this material! The patterns of various kinds of woods are defining some new interior trends. For instance, woods with a more articulated grain design, similar to teak and rosewood are known to give an exceptionally natural feel to the interiors. 

Regardless of whether antique, smooth, or rustic, a solid wooden furniture is a mainstream highlight in Delhi homes. Other characteristic materials like marble, raw stone, leather and metals are utilized luxuriously in furniture nowadays.

Be it stand-alone appearance walls to say something, or adding re-finished or textured wood on your roof to add to a structural intrigue, their versatility has offered numerous new imaginative uses to reconsider existing styles all through the home. 

For your home, you can pick a blend of sleek and solid wooden furnishings. You can likewise utilize wood-like textures like veneer to reduce down the expense in case you’re not too financially independent. You can consider using a blend of fabric upholstered wooden furnishings and leather pieces in your front room.

2. Texture paints

Texture paints are something that is frequently valued and offered to the mass. Painting surfaces in an irregular or unusual way offers you a selection of various textures to release imagination. A hint of metallic features, iced or pearl sheens and gypsum-based plasters would include a great deal of depth and character to any space and result in them being a great and a new exchange. 

You can go for brightening painting by adding some work of art to the walls like a composition of a scene, sleek branches, and other enriching fine arts. Blending it with suitably hued blinds and stylistic themes, you will make a space that is unimaginably extraordinary.

3. Vibrant Wall Colors

Do you also have this one wall gazing at you deadly that needs an urgent makeover? Why not choose the most commonly and uniquely considered pattern this year? Painting your walls with a sprinkle of vibrant tones is the most straightforward and amazing approach to re-color your interior space while complementing the infrastructure of the house. 

Delhi homes are known for their vibrating hues. Among the neutral shades, you’ll discover splashes of shades as highlight pieces and artwork, because this is what Delhi people can’t live without. If in case, you find only one single tone excessively dull, have a thought for stripes or a mix of dim and light canvas designs for an intriguing look. It is likewise simple to change occasionally. 

An ever increasing number of homeowners are getting bold with trying vibrant shades for their spaces.

4. Attractive Walls textures

Wall cladding is another interior trend among all. Exposed cement walls or brick walls with cement like textured paints are what Delhites are opting for nowadays. Another textures loved by Delhi people are murals, 3D walls, embroidered panels, etc. There is never a shortage of ideas and imaginations when it comes to designing houses or homes for Delhites.

5. Flooring Design Trends

If we talk about Delhi, marble and wooden flooring textures are a well known pattern nowadays, aside from vitrified tiled floors. You can likewise pick hardwood flooring, wooden laminates, marble trimmed floors, or sandstone and limestone floors, according to as you would prefer.

6. Unusual is the new Usual

It’s difficult to get a number of experts in a room and have them agree upon something. Yet, in the event that there’s one thing interior designers in Delhi concur upon, is about this unique trend. 

While the basic textures can never be beaten, the tides are truly on the sides of the irregular. By irregular, we don’t mean picking the most extraordinary looking couch or divider tone for yourself. It’s truly about featuring the uniqueness in the character. 

Individuals are searching for home plans that talk who they’re. Therefore, each space is extraordinary. While a finance manager’s home will mirror his longings and preferences, a geek’s home may appear to be completely unique with his best establishments that define their character. Similarly, if you are a footballer or die hard fan of cricket, make your space the vibe that you need, showing that’s who you are!

7. All Natural Greens

Always a fan of Nature and greens? This one can be your pick!

Bringing the greens indoor is a much-cherished and appreciated pattern in Delhi. You will discover manicured gardens all around in homes with large terraces or even a yard. Convenient plants and designer gardens and balconies are absolutely the top choices. Vertical nurseries and false grass are similarly searched after.


These were some unique and amazing interior designing trends to die for! Now design your home the way that tells your story and personality. Even if you don’t buy too expensive stuff, you can still make your space luxurious your own way.

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