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5 best floor lamps to light up your life in 2021

Lamps can lend a premise a whole new definition at any time. Interior decorators rely on the use of light and shades to a great extent for creating charming interiors to snatch the onlooker’s attention. While various types of lights are available in the market, the lamps indeed are the favourites of the artistic designers. 

Most reputed interior designers in Delhi use a wide variety of lamps to lend the interior of any premise its signature feel. Light and shade can be a critical point for any designer or architect when it comes to lending any premise a unique look. 

Be it a residence, a commercial place, a restaurant, a gallery, or a rooftop garden, the right lighting arrangement can make all the difference. While too much light can ruin the mystic appeal you wish to lend to your premise, a little too little illumination can turn the place dark. Hence, it takes the perfect balance of light and darkness to lend a place its charm. 

If you wish to keep your interiors mellow and subtle, the floor lamps can be your ideal choice at any time. The floor lamps offer enough light for the room or premise so that you do not stumble while walking and yet do not dazzle your eyes with bright lights. 

For theme-based interior designs, this is one of the most important aspects to care for. Bright lights often steal the show easily, and the beholder misses to realise the real appeal of the theme. Here are some of the best lamp interior designing ideas for 2021 that can brighten up both your life and the premise. 

1. Brightech SKY — Best LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Smart modern interiors look for minimalist arrangements. Lamps that come with elaborate design and heavy texture often do not suit the sleek ambience of the contemporary homes and offices. The minimalist design lamps consuming a little place always seem to be a smarter pick for any modern premise.

Brightech SKY — Best LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

This LED lamp is a perfect match for any modern interior when it comes to minimalist design. A slim round top, a thin stand, and a heavy round base are all it has to offer. However, this humble arrangement does not make the lamps fragile at all. Instead, the stability of the lamps is potent enough to survive the battles between the fiercest cats. 

Another aspect that makes these lamps one of the best choices in 2021 is its adjustable brightness. You can lower the 3000 lumens light down to 3 levels. If you wish to keep the brightness a little low than its highest capacity, just adjust it likewise, and your room will get mellow lighting. 

Therefore, you can place it anywhere you wish to. Choose the highest levels of brightness for halls, office rooms, and guest rooms. Turn the brightness to the lower levels inside the kid’s rooms or bedrooms. 

These lamps generally offer a bright glare, which you can adjust easily. Choose the corner of the room you don’t generally look at to avoid the glare. You can also tilt the top of the lamp up to 45 degrees to prevent the glare from reaching your eyes directly. Mellowing the brightness can be another way to avoid the glare. 

For a smart lap to turn your interior more stylish, these LED floor lamps can be idea picks. Choose the lamps carefully, keeping the requirement of light in a premise in mind. The best interior designers know how to lend your room a unique look just by introducing a lamp to it. 

2. Revel Trinity Arc — Best For Lighting Up Your Living Room

Simple yet elegant, if you are looking for floor lamps that would perfectly match the classy look of your modern interior, this can be your one-stop choice. For sitting areas and guest rooms, this variety of lamp is perfect. With three lights perched on the branches coming out of a single stem, these lamps demand some space to get accommodated. This is why a larger room is always ideal for these lamps. 

Its eye-catching appearance can engulf the smaller rooms, easily diverting the attention of the beholders from the other items of decoration in the room.  To minimize the glare of the light, the lamps feature beige woven burlap each. This ensures that the beams of light emerging out of the lamps do not reach your eyes directly, causing inconvenience. 

The branches of the lamps reach high above and spread far enough to cover an entire space easily. If you wish to keep the light dim inside the room, you can always choose to light up only one lamp or two depending on your requirement. If you wish to keep the room brighter, switch on all the three lights of the lamp.  

Besides offering enough light for a big room, this lamp also contributes to the interior decoration of any premise owing to its unique shape. The elegance and beauty of this lamp are undeniable. Therefore, smart interior designers often use this to lend your premise an eye-catching look without compromising the quality of light. 

3. Brightech Sparq — Best Floor Lamp For Reading Nook

The year 2021 will witness revolutionary ideas of lighting for interior decoration. Modern interiors look for arrangements that will not eat up a lot of space and offer uncompromised utilities. This lamp is somewhat a perfect balance of both. Smart, sleek, and urban, this floor lamp can be an ideal pick for reading rooms, sitting corners, and more. 

Especially for the book lovers, this lamp can be an apple of their eyes. Ask a bookworm his/her best place, and the answer would be the cosy corner in the reading room with no dearth of light to facilitate easy reading. This is what the Brightech Sparq offers to all the reading rooms

Revel Trinity Arc — Best For Lighting Up Your Living Room

The specially crafted arched shape of this light offers the right illumination for the readers across the open pages of the books placed under it. What makes it all more useful is its height adjustability feature. You can adjust the height of the light between 47 inches to 66 inches to get the right illumination. 

The brightness of 2000 lumens makes sure that you easily read even the footnotes written in smaller fonts. Being LED lamps, these lamps do not add to your electric bills substantially. The energy-efficient feature of these lamps makes these eco-friendly and sustainable choices. 

4. Brightech Madison — Best Bedside Floor Lamp

If adding a dose of elegance and utility at the same time to your room interior is on your mind, choose this lamp without any doubt. Its flawless coordination with the wooden table makes this lamp a unique one. Ideal as a bedside lamp, these can also be a smart choice for any office premises. The best interior designers would know how to use these lamps smartly to enhance the overall appeal of any room. 

Brightech Madison — Best Bedside Floor Lamp

Place an antique vase or some flowers on the tabletop to magnify the charm of this light. You can also keep some magazines stacked on the table if you have placed them in the guest room or the waiting hall of your office. Being two-tiered in design, this table can be a smart option for keeping multiple decorative items. What makes it all more useful is the USB ports that come attached to the lamps. 

You can charge any device using these 2 USB posts of this lamp easily. Thus, it can be best defined as a multipurpose floor lamp offering decent illumination and utilitarian services. Since the lamps require LED bulbs, you do not have to worry about the electric bills at all. Energy efficiency is what these lamps offer at all times. 

5. Brightech Maxwell — Best Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp

This lamp can be a lamp with a self or a shelf with a lamp.  The design of this lamp is so smart that you would always remain baffled, solving the riddle, whether it is a self or a lamp. Perhaps, one of the most elegant innovations of the modern-day decorating ideas, this lamp comes with three shelves at its base. 

Keep any decorative item or artefact of your choice to fill the shelves and use the light on the top to allow the entire set up to assume a magnificent look. You can place flower vases, books, photo frames, etc., on the shelves to enhance the overall appeal of the room. 

Brightech Maxwell — Best Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp

Keep the lamp at a safe place where children would not push it by any chance. The multilayered structure of this lamp makes it vulnerable to a fall when pushed. However, it takes only a corner to be placed, and thus you can always find a safe corner for it. The creamy white shade of the lamp keeps the glare low and makes the light easy for the eyes. 

Engage the top interior designers near you to lend your premise the right look. Floor lamps can be an effective instrument in defining the spirit of the space at any time. The experienced interior designers would know the ways to choose these smart lamps to make your home look smarter.

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