13 Modern Living Room ideas

13 Modern Living Room ideas

After moving recently, are you looking for ideas for decorating your modern living room? Or does your current living room look a little boring? We know that this is the core of a modern home, where all family members and friends gather, work or entertain. The spacious room sets the tone for your entire family. When it comes to living room decoration, the term “modern” is often used to define a particular style. But the truth is that there are many styles from the middle of the last century to minimalism and can be described as modern living rooms.

 The BIGGEST problem is that there are many themes and designs.

 Are you still confused about what to do and what not to do? Here are 12 chic ideas by our interior designers that will inspire and motivate you to transform your boring living room to a modern living room.

  • Let’s start with the BASIC- FURNITURE

Choose bold and simple furniture. For example, choosing a soft, curved Chesterfield sofa in any colour (navy, beige or even red, rather than gorgeous rosewood carving) is a way to achieve modernity. Use space-saving furniture and furniture with lots of built-in storage space. The coffee table below can save you a lot of space. Use interesting patterns or patterns on fabric furniture. However, please avoid excessive printing and bright colours. In a neutral room, use patterned pillows, striped curtains or patterned carpets, but please limit yourself to neutral colours. In addition, please avoid heavy tassels on the pillowcase, sofas, chairs and curtains.

Furniture interior design idea
  • Rustic Theme

The rustic living room makes the environmentally friendly life extremely fashionable and makes the favourite of the old family look new. When designing a modern and rustic living room, the most important points are wooden decorations, neutral colours, upholstered furniture and comfortable textiles. The colour palette is similar to camel leather, dark grey and dark brown. This style also has an organic sense, so granite, recycled wood and metal are added to the low table height, and the clean lines add a perfect decorative effect.

Rustic theme for interior design
  • Minimalistic Livingroom Interior Design

Do you really think the portraits and the fancy table tops should be there, or can you move them away to make your space spacious and attractive? Minimalism is exactly what you need. Many homeowners choose a simple interior design to keep their lives organized and tidy. To appreciate the magnificent scenery, it makes sense to choose a modern and simple living room, because these clean lines, simple furniture, and simple colours that perfectly blend with the surrounding environment, makes the space more attractive. The clear motto “Less is more”, strikes a balance between space, lighting and objects. It’s about keeping everything to a minimum so that your living room looks very refined and stylish. 

 Living Room interior design ideas
  • Eclectic lighting

Most living rooms only use a floor lamp, which in itself is a perfect solution. However, to creatively illuminate your room, you can try some unconventional methods, such as Hanging the light bulb within sight. Decorate the walls with coloured lights. Create a dreamlike feeling. If you have pre-installed ceiling lights in your apartment/house, this can be very bad. Replacing it with a designer chandelier can add lustre to your room.

lightning ideas
  • Serene Modern Living Room

The modern living room does not have to have bold expressions and accents. Take this room as an example: the interior designer of the living room provides a monochrome colour scheme of grey creates a tranquil atmosphere. The key is to add texture accents and natural elements such as wood, green and metal to make the space more interesting. Of course, there is a modern element with clean lines, a sofa with velvet upholstery and elegant decoration as a good way to make this type of room more spacious.

Modern Living Rooms interior design ideas
  • A Boho Living Room

In many living spaces, the fireplace is the focus of attention, but not in these elegant apartments. A great living room idea for small spaces that will make your living room look a spacious. The black and white abstract self-portrait is the core of this bohemian space. It is very important to balance colours and textures. In every room you decorate. Notice how the fig pot softens the charcoal sofa. Then there are these rugs and armchairs. Both elements warm the room by balancing the industrial-style coffee table and the brass coffee table.

A boho living room style ideas
  • Leather Weather

To be honest, if you want to add chocolate brown decorative elements to your Indian living room Indian style, you don’t need any other decorations. You can decorate the cozy corner with a dark old-fashioned brandy sofa, warm brown tones or soft tones of mocha coffee, and you are done. Leather creates simplicity in the simplest way and complements the traditional living room design.

  • Vintage 

Have you noticed that most of the attention is focused on the living room of a beautiful family? The soft lighting, neatly folded wall-sized bookshelves, and the combination of all warm tones and brown but textured wooden furniture smells like you don’t have the extra square feet to accommodate a separate living room.

Vintage interior ideas
  • Use a Hanging Chair 

Imagine reading your favourite novel and then drinking cozy hot chocolate in a cocoon in your LIVING room. Are we exaggerating your dreams? But the same goes for the beautifully decorated hanging chairs, and God bless the Creator. Have one of the cozy corners possible at the focal point of your Indian living room or small apartment corridor. While you have actually used up the existing space, it is another interesting topic to see whether these comfortable buildings are ideal for saving space. It can be hung on an elegant carpet to add warmth to the living room.

hanging chair ideas for home
  • Add plants and make it GREEN

If you want your Indian living room to come to life immediately Indian style, consider adding well-designed green plants to the interior. Especially suitable for rooms with neutral colours. The green shade of a flowerpot or glass container can illuminate your room and provide additional breathability. The visual effect of the green on the opaque shelves or blunt edges can easily make the room full of vitality and can make the sterile room clean, fresh, and spacious. The plants and vases we chose are a good starting point.

Plant style ideas in room
  • Stay Neutral 

If you don’t like to play with many bright patterns and colours, but like experimental works and elegant colours, please check this living room. Fixtures like sofas and tables do not use black and white, but remain neutral, while ceilings, artwork and chandeliers just add a bit of colour (nothing too crazy, only marigolds, blue, red and green). Another great living room idea for small spaces as it will make your living room look a bit spacious. 

Our Best Neutral Living Room Color Ideas
  • The Cheerful Living Room 

Equipped with interesting pillows and ottomans, artworks and off-white walls, this space is perfect for hosting evening gatherings or more formal parties. The couch and arm chairs make the living room really interesting and comfortable.

Happy Living Room
  • Add a personal touch

If you are standing on the wall of the gallery, an affordable solution for displaying your favourite graphics and family portraits is to use a photo shelf instead. It can also easily exchange new things inside and outside. Combine frames to personalize them. When discussing personal details, remember to hang up artworks that are meaningful to you, whether it is your child’s artwork, your artwork, or a portrait of a pet.

Gray and taupe living  room

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