12 Ways to Create the Perfect Nautical Decor Bathroom

12 Ways to Create the Perfect Nautical Decor Bathroom

If spending time by the sea or ocean fulfils you, imagine how exciting it would be to design a nautical décor bathroom? Don’t get confused with this thought! To live in a beach-inspired bathroom, you do not have to live near the ocean. Instead, you need to find the interior designer for your home. An experienced one would help you with the right décor ideas to get the perfect look for every room.

If you are enthusiastic about making some little changes to your bathroom, you need to be quite clear about colours, decorative accents, and fixtures that can provide the right look. In case you are doing it for the first time, here are some excellent ways to create a perfect ocean-themed layout for your bathroom:

  • Brushed Brass Lights with Nautical Blue

Well, if you are thinking about ocean-themed ideas, it has to include some subtle shades of blue. And what can be more ideal than the nautical blue shade for your bathroom? It offers you luxurious vibes without overdoing it. You can also refer to the classic craftsman style to know more about blending the perfect blue shades for your bathroom’s renovation.

Brushed Brass Lights with Nautical Blue

It is highly recommended for the old century houses with spacious bathroom areas. You can get the shutter-style doors and paint the walls with navy blue shade. It gives you the perfect contrast that seamlessly resembles the seas. 

Along with that, do not forget to use the brushed brass light pendants to accentuate the look correctly. Such lightings offer you the perfect reminiscence of marine styled lightings. And to get the ideal homey warmth, bring the beach photos to personalise the walls at your convenience. 

  • Yacht Bathroom Ideas with Nautical Touch

You want to design the perfect ocean-themed bathroom. Then why not include the famous yacht designs available in the market by many trending interior designers? If you research these layouts, you would be thrilled to know that you can get this yacht-style right in your bathroom area. 

Yacht Bathroom Ideas with Nautical Touch

How? It is pretty simple to carry out. Make sure to choose a seashell-inspired wallpaper for your bathroom area. Along with that, get the decorative accents like a blue towel with a nautical knot, enhancing the under-the-sea feeling perfectly.

  • It’s Time to Spark the Child’s Imaginative World

Well, the heading might surprise you, but did you know that you could surprise your kids with nautical-inspired bathroom ideas? 

Yes, you can do so by laying out the perfect blend of bold grey and white stripes on the bathroom walls. This ideal blend would evoke the rich colours of the ocean waves. And keep the floor tiles a little tanned, which would resemble the sand. It is the perfect setup that would mesmerise the kids and transcend them into the world of oceans. 

It’s Time to Spark the Child’s Imaginative World

The décor of your bathroom can include round lanterns, rope wrapped mirrors, along with dark cabinetry. Let your kids imagine these to be the deck of a ship or occupants standing in the quarters of the boat. 

If you want to make it more realistic, throw some maritime-themed wall art and anchor bath mat as well. Do not forget to get the pirate-themed shower curtain for the little ones. You would be amazed to see how your children love such ideas for bathroom designing.

  • Try Out Muted Tones

If you are trying to create the perfect beach-themed bathroom, you might want to concentrate on the colour palette too. The sandy tones can have a natural oceanic influence on your bathroom. It can instantly take your imagination to the sea beaches if you manage to colour the walls with white and blue touches. 

Along with that, you can get a porthole-style mirror and place it right over the sink. Get some sizable sand-filled flower vases that would maintain the warmth and calm effect of the woodwork palette.

  • Add a Seashell Mirror

Have you been trying to reconstruct a tranquil and relaxing environment in your bathroom? After a long, tiring day, you would love to spend time by yourself in such an area and your bathtub. But it would get more pleasing if it helps you transcend right in the middle of a calm and serene ocean.

 Seashell Mirror

Well, you can create that perfect environment all by yourself only. Get some watercolour-inspired wallpapers for your bathroom walls. Make sure to choose the ones in soft coastal hues. Along with that, get a seashell-inspired mirror and wall sconce to decorate the area. And your perfect oceanic abode is ready!

  • Get Inspired by Seafaring Vessels

If you aren’t a blue hue lover, you can still create the nautical-themed bathroom without getting all blues. You can get the cool grey tones to get the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom area. 

 Seafaring Vessels

Along with that, get a milk glass sconce for the wall, which can resemble the starboard lighting. You can find these typically on those massive oceangoing vessels. And also, get a medicine cabinet that can resemble the submarine door. And the bathroom wall tiles can be in gentle shades of greyish-blue.

  • Get the Captain’s Quarters for Your Bathroom

Do you wish to create nautical effects in your bathroom? Then, you can also focus on the faucet handles, which can be made of antique ship’s wheels. Also, to get the perfect feel of oceanic life forms, you can get the area’s free-form glass sink. 

Get the Captain's Quarters for Your Bathroom

And get the naval officer’s quarters’ look for the wood-panelled backsplash and your bathroom ceiling. To get a sense of continuity, you can shower fixtures and mirrors inspired by the sea beach accessories. 

  • You Can Never Go Wrong with the Fabrics

When you are thinking about remodelling the bathroom area, you need to be cautious about the fabrics. And in case you want to add oceanic vibes to your site, you need to get the nautical-themed fabrics available in the market. These are readily available and can subtly add to the vibrance and entire feel of the room.

You can select the shower curtain in colours like navy blue and white stripes or grey and white stripes. You can get other shades of blues as well and pair them with the ocean-themed décor. In case you love prints, make sure to get the curtains with ocean animals, ships, shells, and many more such objects. You can also choose the bath mats in such vibrant colours to enhance your bathroom’s entire look. 

  • Get the Ocean-Inspired Wallpaper

If you want to change the entire look of any room instantly, nothing can beat the power of colourful and vibrant wallpaper. So, in the bathroom case, you need to look for the nautical-inspired wallpapers available in the market. 

Get the Ocean-Inspired Wallpaper

Choose the layouts correctly, depending on the type of users. In the case of kids, you can focus on getting the seashells and funny items printed on the wallpapers that resemble ocean life. However, if you want it for the adults, you can either keep it in minimal designs or get the nautical designs.

  • How Can You Forget the Clock?

Well, if you are keen on including the ocean factors in your bathroom, you need to find a way to integrate the clock as well. Time happens to be a vital element when it comes to nautical décor. 

You can find the old pirate-themed clocks in the market, made of solid wood, and resemble the classic ship wheel. You can add this décor naturally to your setup, almost anywhere. You can also get the ring clock with a lighthouse, which is a typical style but can add the oceanic vibes correctly to your bathroom. 

  • Pebble Tiles

Another excellent way to update your bathroom game to an ocean-themed one would be by switching to the pebble tiles. You can get the coastal bathrooms’ perfect feel when you select the right colours and textures for these pebble tiles. These are readily available and look fab for your bathroom. Also, these are an excellent option for your bathroom, as they aren’t slippery at all. 

  • Why Not Go Slightly Vintage with Your Bathroom?

Lastly, as the blog comes down to a wrap, you can also get a little vintage while adding the ocean-themed décor and colours to your bathroom. If you love both styles for your home, you can try out both of them. 

Get the vintage-inspired seaside wallpapers that can blend subtly with the white painted furniture in your bathroom area. You can find nautical artwork in charity shops and get the classic beach-side plaques to add oceanic charm to your place. 

You can also use the old crates to display your collected coastal objects above your toilet seat in the form of a shelf. Along with these, make sure to choose the lights and mirrors correctly to blend with the layout. 

Bottom line

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