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11 Best Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Space More Efficient

Whether we talk about small apartments or big, spacious homes, Kitchen is the most essential part and offers plenty of charm to home décor. However, when it comes to the kitchen space, we tend to lack in utilizing the space efficiently!

Obviously, if kitchen space is cluttered there is nothing more irritating. It’s a place where you have to cook special food after a long, tiring day, and if it is cluttered or inadequately organized, doesn’t feel right. Alas! But luckily, there are tons of amazing kitchen ideas that it will definitely maximize the storage capacity and efficiency too.

It’s all in the layout of your kitchen space, which helps an interior designer to revamp the kitchen to make it more organized, storage-efficient and latest in designing too. So, ahead in our list, we have gathered 15 different kitchen design tips to help you in maximizing and enliven the space beautifully. Whether you are renovating your kitchen space, or just starting from the scratch, all you should do is to give it a try.   

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1. Super Organized Cabinets

Whether a kitchen space is tiny or hefty, what matters is how organized and decluttered your kitchen is, right? Then, opting for cabinets, and hidden spaces inside the cabinets is a great idea to stack the dishes, bowls and cups easily. If the stack of dishes and bowls is organized in your kitchen, then everything else will look fine and decluttered. Moreover, when you know the kitchen space is premium, all you want to focus is not to waste any of it, and choosing cabinets design for your kitchen will truly maximize the storage! How about this U-shaped kitchen, which has a proper cabinet design to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t look messy at all.

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2. Striking Light Fixtures

Maximizing the kitchen space is always a great idea. How about installing striking light fixtures or pendant lights to pep up the kitchen space? We all love the idea of decorating our kitchen space, and nothing can beat this contemporary style pendant drop down lights over the prep station! Good lighting is much needed, especially over the prep station and installing these decorative pendant lights is incredibly great to brighten up the entire kitchen. What do you think?

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3. Green Space

How about using your green thumb? Yes, we are talking about tiny pots and planters in your kitchen to make you feel happy even if it’s a small space. Great lighting, pots and planters near the kitchen window are absolutely a clever idea to keep yourself busy and inspired while you cook your favourite delicacies. No doubt, greenery might strike the fancy side of yours!  

4. Floating Table

Is your kitchen is being in the L-shaped design structure? Then, there must be an empty, blank wall space, is it? Why not use that wall efficiently to organize kitchen stuff? One of the best ways is to install a floating table or a shelf or maybe a simple wooden table for that extra counter space to prep up before the cooking! Otherwise, you can also transform it into a compact, and tiny dining table for quick meals, especially in the morning when you are already in a hurry to reach office on time!  Moreover, the best part about this floating table is that you can fold it down again when not in use!

5. Go for Minimalist Kitchen

Everyone loves the idea of a minimalist kitchen. Well, who doesn’t love to keep their kitchen simple, decluttered and minimalist as possible to make even the tiny of space look sleek and put together? We at Deco-Arte, totally love the luxurious yet minimalist kitchen space ideas, which can be designed keeping in mind the latest trends, particularly when we talk about cabinets and countertops. Just try to go for a theme and match everything to use and design the space as you have always wanted it to be!

6. Light Colours

You cannot deny the fact that the lighter colour tones, the larger it feels. If you are bored or tired of watching dark colours in your tiny kitchen space, then why not to plan for a total transformation? Yeah, from the dark colour palette to the light, soothing ones that bring the outdoors in! Just like this light mint colour tone on cabinets is so enticing that even a small kitchen feels more open and wider. Other than that, you can also go for the light palette on countertops, backsplashes, and walls of your kitchen to make it a place where you want to come again and again to cook, and of course, without getting bored!

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7. Small Appliances

When you know that your kitchen space is compact, and you are searching for ways to maximize the storage capacity, why don’t you shift your focus on using small appliances? Nowadays, the interior decorators are choosing small appliances for the kitchen space to make it more efficient and look organized. Even the tiny inches can’t be wasted when you have to make the best use of the space available. And, opting for small kitchen appliances is a great way to revamp your kitchen beautifully. Small appliances clearly don’t mean cheap, or entry-level appliances. These days, you can easily find the best quality of small appliances in offline or online stores.

8. Patterned Floor

One of the overlooked areas of your kitchen is FLOOR. Huh! For a high impact design and a gorgeous element of your kitchen, can’t we focus on the floor as well, what do you think? Well, you must know that a patterned floor with trendy tiles gives that perfect illusion of wide and extensive space. Presently, you will come across a broad array of different, patterned floor tiles or wooden- floor patterns to design your kitchen. From hand-painted cement tiles to patterned ceramic tiles, there are a plethora of options to renovate the kitchen, especially the floor for that boho feel.

9. Marble Shelves

Although, we all know the fact that marble is one of the exclusive additions in any kitchen space! Agree? Whether you are completely renovating your kitchen or beginning from the scratch, incorporating the marble shelves into your kitchen space is definitely a wow factor. Of course, we understand that it is hard to implement marble slab as opposed to tiles, but doubtlessly, it adds drama and much needed highlighting element into your kitchen. You can discover the wide range of marbles in patterns and colours to give your kitchen a personal touch. Just make sure that whatever pattern or colour of the marble you choose should complement the design of your kitchen and magnify the beauty of the space!

10. Kitchen Pegboard

Do feel that your kitchen doesn’t have extra space for the pots and dishes? You don’t have to feel that anymore because whether your kitchen is small or large in space, the best thing that you can do is to install a pegboard in your kitchen. Nowadays, you can get plenty of option in prefabricated pegboard designs, or you can simply go for the custom-made design according to your kitchen space for the exact size! From colanders to cups, you can hang anything on pegboard, which is easy, quick and space-saving as well.

11. Proper Usage of Every Nook & Cranny

You just can’t ignore even the tiniest of space in your kitchen. Of course, you can do something great out of the small space, like the one next to your stove. You can keep essential cooking items there, including spices, oils, soup stocks etc. Every nook and cranny of the kitchen can be used to maximize the storage capacity!

Wrapping Up

Alternatively, you can go for the baskets! Add baskets in your cabinets and pantry for extra space and to make all the difference! If you are running out of space in your kitchen and planning it to renovate or revamp its design and structure completely, hiring a professional from Deco Arte would be a great idea!

It’s a renowned Interior designing firm in Delhi, where you will meet the professional and experienced interior decorators to fir that kitchen vibe and double the storage space along with beautiful décor! So, what are you even waiting for?

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