10 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

10 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is prominently placed in the living room for aesthetics and for functional capacity. After all, you need a place for drinks. But the table is also an opportunity to make vignettes in the living room. You can put some books to do it, but it’s better than this. Keeping them clean is of utmost importance because eyes will be around them all the time. You might even want to style it as an artwork. Use artistic techniques and designers’ tips to create your appearance, such as Balance symmetry, and create a colourful story or style. Whether you like organized chaos or keep things to a minimum, these coffee tables will inspire you to change your style. In daily life, the function is more important than form. How do you find a balance between fashion and manageability? We present you with interior décor ideas on how to make your coffee table the focal point of your living room. 

  • The Basics

If you want to minimize complexity (and maximize your living room’s space), you can fix it on a small coffee table without additional decoration. This looks very well organized, symmetrical, clean and not boring. The trick is to place your decorations (such as candles and flowers) in different places in the room. The designer created a balance, equipped with a small bedside table, a mirror frame, and two lamps, while keeping the entire space open, adding golden accents to the entire room.

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  • Go Green

A coffee table idea that will go a long way. Start with interesting plants or lots of green to make your coffee table look more organic and organized. Larger succulents (such as pencil cactus) or small branches (such as eucalyptus or cherry blossoms) are great for anchoring big coffee tables.

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  • Keep it Balanced

Balance is an indispensable part of any coffee table display. Symmetry is one of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony. Conversely, it can be too much and cumbersome to only display large items. To keep the coffee table balanced, zoom in and out, and stack or group similar objects. The middle object is the main part of the display. The small vase is very similar in size to balance the complete view. When using a small table like a pouf, limit yourself to one or two items. All you need is a mini vase and voila! 

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  • Contrasting colours

One of the mainstream designer tips is to contrast colours, choose decorations that match the colour of the coffee table. If the table is white or neutral, use bold colours on it. For ebony or dark wood, use clean white metal utensils. Thanks to the multifunctional transparent table, you can choose any colour. 

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  • Use a two-tiered table

When you can choose a spectacular design with two shelves, why choose a table with one shelf? Put your favourite decorative items on the coffee table to test your creativity. Simple displays, like this one, is elegant and attractive without being too much for the eye. This display looks clean with a centrepiece and keeps the focus on books. Just don’t overcomplicate the table.

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  • One statement

If the coffee table ideas of ​​mixing jewellery, flowers, and books are not your real style, please make a statement that reflects your personality. Sometimes, you just need a spectacular sculpture object or a vase with your favourite flowers to complete the design of the living room. 

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  • Adding multiple heights

If all your decorations are at the same height on the coffee table, they might go unnoticed. To make it attractive, create elevation lines, you can also use them to create vignettes. The key to making a highly attractive coffee table is the difference in texture and height. In this corner of the family room, the feathery flower arrangement creates a comfortable atmosphere, increases the height, and attracts attention to the artwork.

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  • Balancing the weight 

The coffee table looks very balanced, although not too symmetrical. The table itself has a rounded rectangular shape; it is divided into its own space to create its own aesthetics. To this end, separate the books of the coffee table from the round bowl, and then arrange them in a pattern to add interest. Bowls and containers can hold everything and are a great choice on the table, minimizing clutter and creating more space.

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  • Try a TRAY!

Large coffee tables will not feel too large when placed on the tray, as it will isolate different sections of the surface. The tray is both practical and elegant, and the purpose is to show your favourite discoveries. In addition, if you need to clean the surface, they are easy to remove. The taskbar is also useful for adding structure and symmetry to free-form tables, and for anchoring objects that may float.

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Yes, the powerful trio of books, flowers and trays will always rule. In terms of practicality and style, placing the tray on a coffee table with coffee table elements can increase structure and symmetry. Spring is a seashell, summer is a pile of books, and autumn is an orange carpet in autumn. This is a good place to try out seasonal flowers. You can use any size flower arrangement to immediately look better on the coffee table.

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