10 Best Interior Decorating Secrets

10 Best Interior Decorating Secrets

Whether you are looking for inspirations to design a luxurious home or some easy tricks in your budget to style your dull interior, we have the 10 best interior decorating secrets to make your interior pop up. These designing tips are curated by top interior designers in Delhi, NCR and they will help you to style your space like a pro so let’s get started. 

  • Marie Kondo Method  – Remove the clutter

Most of you are aware of this method but if you are not, here is a brief. Recently I read an article by Marie Kondo on how to declutter our homes and transform them. Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who practices a method of tidying up and Spark joy both of which have created a storm in the interior industry. In her Netflix series – she asks the entire family to pull all the stuff out in your home and check if that thing still creates joy or spark for them. If not, then get rid of that thing as you no longer need them and this will create more space for things that you really need or things that create joy for you. 

Once you are left with things which you want to keep inside the house, then you can plan your storage or interiors on how to keep these things in a way so they are functional and look beautiful at the same time. 

  • Creating Systems

You might get rid of the clutter now but after a few months, you will again end up into cluttered homes. Decluttering is not a solution but you have to create a plan after that and stick to it. Once you have categorized your objects, you need to store them in labelled storage boxes or baskets so your kids or family members can tidy up themselves. These boxes or baskets should be placed in areas that are easily accessible. You should be aware of your spaces and can utilize the unused spaces at home. There are zeniths of ideas on storage available in magazines, the internet or Pinterest, which you can use to plan and create in your budget.  

Creating Systems

Once you have planned the appropriate storage for your stuff, label it and ensure the stuff goes back to the same bin or basket where it belongs. This will create a system and help you stay organized. 

  • Determine your own style

Amongst many interior decorating secrets, determining your style is an important step or tip in interior designing. When you want to design on your own or hire an interior decorator for your house. Do you need to first understand your style? When you book hotels, what kind of rooms do you want to stay in? Do you want a room with minimal interior or a space with luxury and elegance or a fancy club-type space with leather chairs? 

Determine your own style

You can also write down different styles on a piece of paper and find designs related to that style. You will surely be able to judge which style appeals to you.

Once you are clear about your style, you are now in a better position to design your beautiful home. 

  • Display the statement piece

When I am flipping any interior magazine or scrolling back my saved Pinterest pins, I always wonder how these lovely rooms are created. Do you also think the same? Can this be done only by a professional architect or interior firm? The answer is no, it can be done by anyone! 

Display the statement piece

The secret used by many interior stylists is to display the statement piece. It can be functional, beautiful or both. Since now you have determined your style, you can add a piece of art, décor or even a beautiful chandelier matching your style and let it create a beautiful statement for you – you should display it and not hide it. Create a focal point around it so all eyes will be attracted to that focal point. Isn’t this a lovely trick? 

  • Adding dimension to a small space

Have you ever seen cramped rooms with overstuffed spaces? If you are also facing the same issue in your home and searching for ideas on how to deal with this situation, probably the answer is to create an illusion of space. Any small room can become spacious and fully functional if you add dimension to it. This doesn’t mean adding or removing stuff to or from the room. It means adding things in a way to create dimension. 

Adding dimension to a small space

Assume a wall is an outer layer. Stacking a painting on the shelves creates a second layer. The sofa kept 2” away creates a third layer. This is called adding dimensions to your room by layering. You can also add layers by adding different colored pillows or accessories to the sofa or different color curtains. Another way of adding dimension to a room is texture. It gives a different visual appeal in the given space. E.g. adding a basket or a vase can create different interest or appeal in the same room as the elements are giving different texture to the same space. 

  • Invest in good lighting
Invest in good lighting

If you have minimal sources of natural light in your room, don’t worry. You can invest in good artificial lighting to enhance your room. Lighting is a very important factor in interior design. Lighting can make or break a room. So always invest in good lighting to enhance and brighten the space. 

  • Make your space lively with mirrors
Make your space lively with mirrors

Another way to create an illusion or open up cramped spaces is by the use of mirrors. Mirrors can brighten up any space and make a room look bigger. They are good light reflectors. Mirrors are generally placed around 4 ft above the ground and square and rectangular mirrors are preferred more over other types. You should always consider what to reflect in a mirror. If you have a beautiful landscape outside the window, you can place the mirror opposite the window so outside beauty is reflected inside. Mirrors are important Vastu elements that can double your prosperity, wealth and health when kept in the right direction.

  • Mix your tableware

The most beautiful homes have one thing in common i.e. they have mixed and match tableware. This gives a nice dimension and texture to space. Instead of buying an entire set of the sofa or a dining table, you can buy separate matching chairs and feel the difference. Each piece looks unique and creates its own statement and gives an amazing definition to the overall ambience. 

  • Start from ground
Start from ground

Many people face this dilemma from where to start your designing process. The answer is from the floor. If you start from a sofa or chair, you are left with limited options. So it is always advised by the interior designer to start with your floor and carpet and then add layers to your room so the room design is in unison and doesn’t feel like a circus. 

  • Take a picture

While designing and decorating your room, it is very important to step back and check if the element you have added is enhancing the room or it doesn’t match the overall picture. ‘Taking photos of your place will help you to concentrate on weak points and help you gain a better perspective’ says Deco-Arte, Interior designers in South Delhi. 


Hope our 10 best interior decorating secrets will prepare you to design a bare apartment or remodel an old home. Let us know in the comment section if you are looking for answers to specific queries related to home decoration. Deco-Arte, Interior designers in South Delhi are well equipped to handle your queries and give you better solutions to your home interior problems. 

If you are looking for interior designers in Delhi, NCR region, you can write a mail at info@deco-arte.in

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